What is Focus membrane?

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Bitumen-based membrane is a water insulation material designed to protect buildings from the harmful effects of water, applicable on foundations, curtain walls, basements, yards, terraces and roofs of buildings, bridges and viaducts, all of which are exposed to various loads.

This bitumen-based insulation material contains a resin composed of various polymers to strengthen its structure. These polymers increase the strength of the material, make it easier to apply the material, and ensures it provides excellent insulation.

Polyester or glass fiber reinforced is added after the bitumen has been reinforced with polymers to ensure the final technical properties. This material can be used for a wide range of different applications and in various climates, and is easy to apply and use on various types of load-bearing systems, so that all these advantages make it distinguished among all other brands of bitumen-based membranes.

Bitumen-based membrane can be easily applied using an oxyacetylene torch, and provides protection for a long time. It prevents water and moisture from seeping through concrete buildings to protect their structures from corrosion. Since Turkey is located on a seismic zone, it is a must to protect the structures of buildings without exerting unnecessary loads on them. In this context, these products coated with slate are available in various colors and are light to make the roofs look attractive and not to cause them to suffer fatigue.

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All national and international certificates applicable to this class of products have been obtained for Focus Membrane, so that it meets all the requirements of registered trademarks. Focus Membrane is exported to various countries, and meets the CE standard of the European Union.

Focus Membrane also meets TS EN 13707 standard entitled “Definitions and technical properties of bitumen-based coverings designed to insulate standard roofs against water” and TS EN 13969 standard entitled “Flexible covers and damp-proof bitumen materials for water insulation, including those used for storage purposes in ground floors.

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