Nestavilla Practical Prefabricated Houses Solutions

Vefa Group, a leading company of the prefabricated house sector in Turkey, introduces permanent and comfortable housing solutions to the customers with the Nestavilla Practical Ready-House Solutions brand in Turkey, where the prefabricated sector is developing rapidly.

iletisim_merkezAs Nestevilla customers tend to prefer summer villas and vineyard houses, the range of usage is getting wider everyday with the advantages of being designed to suit three seasons, wide usage area and so on, provided by the Nestevilla technology. In this sphere; Nestevilla technology is preferred not only for permanent usage buildings, but also for projects serving different purposes like buildings designed for professional use, social facilities, social buildings, authorized personnel flats designed to be used for foreign projects of large companies. Parallel to the increasing range of usage area, Nestevilla is constantly getting bigger, joining authorized customers to its portfolio. This way, Nestevilla exports Nestevilla technology and quality to more than 30 countries in the world.

Customized Individual Projects
Nestavilla can design and produce customized projects apart from standard projects available. The payment for these projects can be arranged through negotiations. In the special Project demands, single storey and around 100 m² houses come into prominence.

Scientific Methods and Applications
Prefabricated houses have some risks growing out of the sector itself along with all these advantages. When we consider that there is no standard about this issue, only the applications made by conscious companies give good results. On the other hand, the unstandart applications made by the companies which have not got the architect and engineer group who can use the calculation methods such as static calculation standards, earthquake regulation, heating standards, can victimize the customer.

iletisim_sultanbeyliInternational Technology Investment
Nestavilla, brought in the production lines supported by American and Italian machines and programs through its’ capital stock investments and developing the prefabricated house which is a pre-production structure system. Thanks to these lines using the last technology in the world the duration of Project and production has shortened. Thus, the produced prefabricated houses will be the choice of the building sector in the new era. Thanks to this, the customers can reach the permanent luxury house comfort. It is obvious that heavy excavation and building costs will leave itself to the less heavy, more economical building conditions, in other words, pre-production fast systems. The Nestavilla’s being in this field will make serious facilities to come to Turkey.

Technology and Quality of Production
Success and flawlessness does not only depend on the “human” factor. “Information” factor is not enough on its own, either. Components and modifiers of both factors are investment and technology. Nestevilla goes on its way with the most advanced technology of the current day and with computer aided production lines with huge capacity. With the production power of Vefa Group which has a capacity of up to 5000 buildings annually with no failed processes; combined with a staff of professionalism, dynamism, experience, prestige and accumulated information of 25 years, Nestevilla has no other chance other than completing successful projects with best quality, and presenting more blissful and more comfortable environments to all home owners.

As a result, Nestavilla will be a success story which is predicated on last user’s satisfaction through removing the uncertainties in the production process of a building, which is compatible with international standards with its’ strong permanent staff, which has been formed with the vision of transforming a brand produced on the base of advance technology and which will make its’ mark on the building sector in the coming years.

2017 Kez Görüntülendi.