İSTON İstanbul Concrete Elements and Ready Mixed Concrete Facroties

959__12İSTON İstanbul Concrete Elements and Ready Mixed Concrete Facroties Corporation has been founded by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1986 for producing quality solutions to cities needs for infra and super structure. ISTON provides products and services to other cities of Turkey as well as Istanbul, also exports to several countries in the World.

ISTON carries out production of concrete and reinforced concrete pipes, paving stone , bordure, ready-mix concrete, industrial prefabricated building elements, urban industrial structures, city furniture as well as contracting and project service. Among the largest 500 industrial enterprises of Turkey, ISTON provides service to private sector as well as public agencies. With its production technology, product ranges, high quality standards, ISTON is the leader of the construction sector.

959__9Having the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System certificate, ISTON produces all products in conformity with TSE quality standards. ISTON laboratories in which production quality is constantly kept under control meets the testing needs of both construction sector and universities due to having international accreditation by TURKAK. ISTON applies in its facilities TS 18001 Labour Health and Work Safety Management System as well as TS EN ISO 14000 Environment Management system and Quality Assurance System. While carrying out its basic activities, ISTON adopted the technology development as a responsibility. Therefore, with its strong R&D team, designing staff and collaborations with academic milieus, it is pioneering the development of construction sector as well as launches new technologies in Turkey. Goods and services of ISTON, all of whose activities are for formation of modern living spaces substantially contribute in development of urban total quality process in terms of either function or design power.

959__50As an enterprise of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, while ISTON fulfills its public responsibility with human-focused management and service insight, it increases competitive power in the sector with its approach based on customer-orientation, efficiency and quality essences. Continuing to add new urban structural elements to product range over than 500 products, ISTON continue to construct aesthetic cities of future under contemporary urban culture.


2184 Kez Görüntülendi.