“Gurbetciler Plastic” Connection Point of The Experience and Technology

banner1We are very happy to become an international firm being able to convey our products to every corner of our country and also several foreign countries worlwide by crossing over borders as our company founded in 1985 with knowledge, skills, experience and savings obtained by working job sites in the country and abroad, of world’s leading construction firms as a result of close interest of you as our clients. We are grateful all of you.

In the awareness that our services that much large and continuous would only be possible by team-work, and with our staff possessing knowledge and skill based on modern technology, within the frame of DIN, ISO 9001 and TSEK Standards and Norms, we continue our services in our plants having 6000 m² covered, 5000 m² open area, for 24 hours a day. We possess dynamic and technical departments with broadly equipped in order to reply rapid developments in industry and construction sectors. We can manufacture all types of plastic extrusin and injection products in conformity with requested technical requirements, specifications and characteristics.

GurbetcilerPlastikENThe ANTIRUST MARGIN that is within our range of products have, very clearly and not giving any place to doubt or objection, proved the importance during earthquake we badly experienced during recent years. We wholeheartedly congratulate all consumers believing in the importance of antirust margin and using in their construction, we seperately thank to those trusting to our service and quality, and choosing us.

Our principle is high quality, convenient price, reliability, serious service and customer satisfaction.


1651 Kez Görüntülendi.